Why do you need to have a personal brand to expand your business? What you have to do?

branding and personal branding for small home business

Why do you need to have a personal brand to expand your business? What you have to do?

There is a possibility that you heard about personal branding and how to expand your business. Let us directly go to the personal branding definition and understand what a personal brand is and what you have to do:


Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes.  

You may think this is a beautiful definition! But how can I implement it?

Simple, you just need to do these three simple plans: storytelling, finding your niche, creativity, and connection.


Let us forget for a while all the definitions for the brand and personal branding and focus on life for a moment. What are the most enjoyable things for you in your life? Why they are enjoyable? What happened that lead you to this idea that those things are enjoyable?

Brand means a story, the story that you are carrying with you, you need to tell your story very clear, with emotion, and cover the best moments of your story. Besides, you need to tell everyone that your story/ journey is not finished yet. You are continuing the road and in this part, your audience is with you.

I refer you to the video below; you will learn some storytelling techniques for your brand:

Finding your niche


At first, you need to find your niche, which means that you have to be good at one profession. In the case of art and design, most of the artists have many abilities and armed with artistic tools, for example, a painter can be a digital illustration or do simple sculpture. A sculptor knows a little about photography or clothing designs. A fashion designer knows about illustration and painting. However, is it a good way to promote all of our artistic abilities at once in our social and web platforms to grow our personal brand?

Watch the video below to know how to find your artistic niche:

If you work on a few models for growing your brand or continue to produce multiple products, you will have many spectra of customers. It is not an impossible thing to concentrate on a few majors; however, the audience trusts influencers that are more specialized.

When you show your audience that you are capable of doing more than one profession, you need to prepare the adequate proof. In this process, you need to show them that you are very capable of making arts in some majors, which needs a lot of time, planning, and concentration. In the end, you will be exhausted with many works to do and lost in the unfinished artworks and education materials around you. To stop this prediction, we suggest that focus on one or at least two areas that you love the most and you know that you are more capable in comparison to the others. To sum, you worked smartly with more integrity.

Creativity and connection


We are living in an era of short trends. Every day we see a new trend that came up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and people engaged with their own created content. Sometimes the public reacts negatively to trends and sometimes supports them. Indeed, what happens is a trend that gets bigger and bigger and reaches its maturity level. Then with a steep slope vanish form media and substitute with another trend. Because you are going to have a personal brand, you need to react to trends very fast and effectively. You must be open to everything, in this case, to create something new for your audience related to trends.

Besides, of trends, any individual from your audience can connect with you by asking questions or having demand or may criticize you. You must accept and react reasonably to creating more engagement. It means that you need to reply to them with complete feedback and push them to have more engagement with you and your brand. Having connection skills combined with creativity will complete your personal brand.

The video below will help you deeply understand creativity:

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