Tips for having an artistic brand and make the brand identity

identity for our business even it is small with branding

Tips For Having An Artistic Brand And Make The Brand Identity

In our current world, it is vital to have a memorable identity for our business even it is small with branding. This shows that your customers and audience what to expect from you and how you are different from others in design and production. This is the right way to have your brand identity.

We prepared very quick tips for you to understand better how you can make your brand identity:

1. Do some research.
Of course, doing research can be so boring for many people but when it goes to growing your brand it is actually super important. You must research other companies and artists about what they do. Indeed, you need to learn from best practices in this case and find out about the new methods in your specific artistic area. Sometimes you can do it but ask indirectly from other peoples, for example from your social media contacts. You can do AB testing with social media tools and understand what people think about your plans to design.
Doing research will help you to understand what people want what people need and what people want to have but they are ready to pay for it. The latter is very important because based on marketing researches, sometimes people amaze by some artistic works as a good design pair of shoes but they are not very excited to buy those shoes. This happens every day and with good research, you can find out about the best products that you can design and sell as well.

2. DNA in your design
Artist’s identity is a design or artwork that is defined by the artists’ unique way of looking. It is referring to a personal collection that artists designs and sometimes come from the subconscious of artists.
All artists have it and there is no doubt about it, however, sometimes artists forget to understand how important not only to have a good design but also to have a good consistent overall visual identity of who you are. This can starts with your brand name domain name, the logo of your business, and the tagline. 

3. Connecting
The whole world wants to connect. With our everyday routine, we watching this on our smartphones every day. People have desires to connect to other peoples. For connecting, we need to have a carrier to send messages, which the most important part of a connection. Therefore, as a brand, you need to have good carriers which in this case are: website, social media channels, and a smartphone to handle it and a desire to connect with your potential or final customers.
In an artistic environment, we see artists with arrogance and underestimate others’ opinions. This is their biggest mistake. Your audience wants to take care, wants to feel they are important and their opinion is affective or at least effective. Your responsibility, in this case, is to open all the paths for them to connect to you and let them talk to you even you disagree with them from the beginning. You have to let them talk and stop arguing with them about your opposition.

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