You can apply color to textiles using a wide variety of application techniques for a range of different end results. Choose your materials and technique to suit your fabric. Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic is our most versatile paint for textile use and our Fabric Medium ensures a lasting flexible bond between paint and fiber. None of these materials require heat setting, steaming or chemical fixing.


  • Applying thick paint to large areas will tend to stiffen fabric
  • Loose fabric weave allows more of the color to penetrate the fibers
  • Colors will dry lighter than they appear when first painted
  • Transparent and semi-opaque paint colors work best and dry with a softer finish
  • Titanium White and all iridescent/metallic colors may stiffen fabric
  • All colors are permanent – no heat setting required

In this video I will tell you all the tips and tricks of painting on clothes and also I will answer the questions about the painting process.

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