How to grow on social media in 2021?

Be patient, study more, and have a strategy

1. Become a storyteller

Every person has its own story. Think about your life or business milestones and share them gently with your audience. You may share negative experiences to use Empathy to Connect with Your Audience

2. Create valuable content, not just memes!

No matter you are in the phase of attracting new followers to your media or maintaining your current audience, you need to engage with people. The first step in engagement is your content. Being funny is good but it will not be the main strategy for your personal brand.

3. Add more visuals

The right visual will complement your materials and support the points you want to make. You do not want to pick images that are just there to fill space. These images will seem out of place and will not add value to your material. Be sure the visuals you create are in line with your brand identity.

4. Learn new tools

Based on a survey with marketers, they believe that every 2 years marketing will change like a generation. There are many startups out there that came up with new solutions to help people to have more engagement on social media. You need to regularly look for new tools and try to use them from time to time.

5. be patient

There are new entries more than exits on social media. It is a fierce competition and everyone wants to grow fast, so they work hard and more frequently on their social media channels, and indeed, they will discourage soon. You need to divide your energy into working smart and being patient. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

6. Interact more with your followers

If you want to have a thriving social media channel, you need a healthy base of followers. Think about quality over quantity. The reason is that based on new algorithms on social media, your content will not show to the people who don’t engage with your posts. So don’t miss any chance to interact with your audience and turn them into loyal followers.

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