How to avoid fake business gurus?

There are many mentors in social media that claim they can help you to be rich but we know that mostly few of them can help us. but let’s see how we can avoid fake mentors and fake gurus:

1. These courses are over-promised
Look carefully at what they are saying if they are trying hard to convince you that you are going to be rich in a short time with the formula that they are presenting to you… just do this: runaway! This is a red flag.

2. The courses are under delivery. By doing a little research online you can find other students’ opinions on the course that in a magic moment you will find that they are arguing that the sources and study materials are elementary and you can find them online everywhere.

3. They are very expensive. These scams learned one thing from older scams which is the fact that in the eye of the public if something is expensive then it means its quality is high and it’s much valuable than other similar products or services.

4. They do not have enough support and a very fraudulent refund policy. Be sure that before paying you asked a few questions because if they have a refund policy or guarantee for 30 days they will not answer back if you want to refund before 30 days and after that, you cannot get your money back. Try to find other people who participate in previous courses.

5. They don’t have any legit degree like a university degree and try to use other fake or undervalued institutes to show that they are legit. Remember that always trust people who come from a good point in work experience or knowledge. No one will lead you to success with a short time course.

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