7 tips for small and home businesses to sell more on B2B

learn how you can sell more on your online business

How you would be among your competitors and expand your business?

Why you should try to sell B2B?


Short answer: to have more sales through channels that your competitors are not there.

Hello guys, in this video I am gonna tell you how you can boost your sales with very easy steps. If you have a small business, an online home business or you want to start your business, you are more than welcome to watch this video.

But let’s expand the answer. When you start your small business and try to have a side income from home, you need to have four important indexes in your mind: be patient, work continually, do not disappoint, and on top of them be creative. But you need to add the fifth element which is: be flexible in business.

There is no doubt that you love what you are doing and have a plan for it but sometimes you can find that the market is saturated or your competitors use more budget to advertise. So what you can do in this case? Stop trying? Definitely no.

You need to be flexible to find out how you can change and improve your service or product to find people that are interested in your production. Besides, you can be creative to have a better promotion and pricing solution. And if you ask a marketing expert you can learn how to use 7p’s to gain more customers.

There is another way to claim a better position in competition rather than your competitors, you can expand horizontally. We can consider competition as a vertical multi-level line that any competitors can grow vertically to sell more. But expanding horizontally could be like being active on multi-channel selling points. in a way, it will be expanding from the width. One of the best channels that small and home businesses can add through competition is B2B2C. when you sell to a final customer which is among people in public, you are selling through a B2C channel but if you sell to other businesses or other companies or even nonprofit organizations, you are selling in B2B. if a business sell to final customers and other companies it means that they have B2B and B2C channel.

Now, let’s focus on the methods for selling in B2B for small and home businesses:


  1. At first, you must dig the market and do perfect online research to find the right answer to this question: what businesses, companies, or institutes used before a product or service that I am producing or presenting?

You need to use a search engine and search social media to see where your product is used, what kind of people offer those products to others, or in what services you can sell your product or service to a group of people. You can use text search and also photo search in google to find out where your similar products are used.

  1. Ask yourself: can I design a product for them or can I lead them to use my service? But what is the best way to find out about it? Ask them.

You need to ask them via email, social media messaging, or directly with a phone call.

  1. Do not afraid to hear no. Remember that in most businesses no matter small or big, there is a high chance of failure in the first levels. In some ways, it means that you need to hear a lot of no to get one yes. So continuously try to find new people that may be interested in your product.
  2. No matter you are designing t-shirts or having a financial service business. There are many companies and people that may be interested in what you have, however, giant companies selling them because of having a huge budget for advertisement. If you do not have a sufficient budget it is better not to advertise for the B2B sector, but do the public relation and deliver your abilities in production directly to them.
  3. Do not be spammy. Every day we receive multiple messages on Instagram, emails in our mailbox, or comments that asking us to check their product or offer a service to us and we found them annoying and unrelated to our needs. The reason is those people are not targeting potential customers accurately. When you target your potential customers with complete research you can stop being spam by targeting the right people at the right moment. Trust your senses and you will see the improvement in your business.
  4. Have a website to be legit. Unbelievably having just social media is not enough when we talk about B2B. You need to show that you are professional and have a classified collection of your products online or if you are a service provider a well-defined of who you are and what you offer plus your success stories can help to convert your leads to customers. We know that sometimes it is time-consuming to develop a website and not all people are experts to design a website, but with a low budget and learn from online sources like YouTube you can learn to develop a website. There is no need to rush; you have enough time to learn.
  5. If you are a product designer and your leads asked you to send them samples, be open to doing this. Remember you are the person that they need to trust, so try to get their attention by sending them free samples. We know that it is going to cost you but if you target your potential customers you will earn these costs in a short period. Be aware that a happy customer in B2B means more sales because words of mouth in B2B having a higher rate of new customers.

In the end, consider revising your strategies all the time and remember to be flexible with your customers.

In Archetipo we help people to have a small business and this is our way.

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